Gordionpro was founded in early 2014 to combine the cumulative knowledge of 16 experienced professionals from various branches of industry. Our passion is to find innovative solutions and new approaches to complex problems companies or organizations are facing today. Whether the problem is financial, organizational, technological, cultural or communicational, we will solve it, together with you.

Digitalization, Industrial Internet and Internet of Everything will change the fundaments of all business branches within the next ten years. You are either in or you are out. Our mission is to help people, organisations and companies to understand the change, adapt to it and excel in the change. Our solutions for digitalization:

Digital Fast Track

With the Digital Fast Track we will help you to make the right decisions when digital services are there to streamline or transform your business. We will be there for you the whole way. From the need to the benefit.

Digital Lean Go2Market

We will help start-ups and technology companies to discover the services that customers are happy to use. We will help you to find your early customers and to create scalable services out of your product ideas.


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